LaToya Chamblee

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Middletown, delaware

CORE Financial Partners, LLC
364 East Main Street, Suite 319
Middletown, delaware 19709
Phone: (302) 504-6450

Joining the IBC Family as a Certified Practitioner with my husband, Tony, is an incredible honor! I will strive to live up to the legacy the Founder of this concept, Mr. R. Nelson Nash, created and those he has left to it’s care. IBC has made a big difference to my financial life and I’m here to pay it forward.

I help women get what they truly want; financial independence, freedom & control; I accomplish those things by showing them how to stop giving away the power their money holds for them to others. A lot of women are unaware of the avoidable dangers that threaten their wealth potential (taxes, inflation, debt, etc.). When women work with me, they gain a very heightened awareness of those dangers and are equipped with the information and strategies necessary to spot and eliminate them, which can create efficiency of their money and in-turn, can help them build wealth.

“A financially uneducated woman, is a woman that can be easily manipulated, financially.”

I’ve decided to build my financial services career as a Financial Educator and provide women the proper info necessary for them to raise their financial IQ and have a lasting economic impact to leave a legacy of wealth and wisdom for the generations coming!

Family | married 21 years, mom of 5, grandmom of 3
Education | economic studies, industry licensed since 2009
Career | 20+ years in sales, 11 years in financial services
Inspiration | Jesus, my family & getting to significance
Purpose | helping women create wealth in balance
Hobbies | interior design & pursuing a healthy lifestyle

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