Jim Kindred

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Saint George, utah

Replace Your Banker
1695 S 1310 W
Saint George, utah 84770
Phone: (435) 668-1168

For the past 19 years, Mr. Kindred has been helping individuals and small business owners apply the power of economist R. Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concepts. He believes this is the most powerful financial concept available, especially to America’s small business owners.

Kindred is a former management and human resource consultant whose work as a Personnel Manager for one of the largest public utilities in the nation provided intimate, up-close and personal experience in retirement planning during the first downsizing in the company’s ninety-year history. He has extensive experience in tax-exempt business and education environments, and served as a Loaned Executive for several community development organizations. His experience with tax-exempt organizations and companies enabled him to grasp the significance of IBC’s strategies for small businesses and individuals.

Kindred is also a former educator experienced in bilingual and vocational education who has been active in small business creation and development. He has built his financial practice around tax-advantaged asset recovery, development and recapturing strategies. Kindred advocates ‘self-directed financial services’ that put clients in control of their own personal economic engines. By learning how to manage Cash Flow as Bankers do, the creation, protection and growth of our personal, family and business wealth becomes automatic… by simply owning and operating your own “bank”.

Specifically Kindred believes that we will either control the flow of our money by owning and operating our own banking systems or… we will be the customer and therefore dependent on someone else’s bank. If we get the banking equation right, everything else follows. If we are unaware of the role of banking in our lives, or mis-handle the banking components, especially in our businesses and our investments, the headwinds created by those decisions sometimes become almost insurmountable.

Because of the prevalence of the popular media continually bombarded us with messages from financial institutions promoting the benefits of their products, we have lost sight of what are assets and what are liabilities. This lack of understanding and focus saps our most valuable asset and our financial strength—the wealth that flows through us. By understanding the banking process, it is possible to create the kind of wealth that financial and banking institutions create through virtual risk-free management and control of our personal and business cash flows.

Jim loves to work with those who are serious about unlocking their financial potential and welcome your inquiry into the fascinating world of Personal Banking and Cash Flow Planning.


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