John D. Perrings

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Oakland, california

StackedLife, LLC
1111 Broadway
3rd Floor
Oakland, california 94607
Phone: (415) 505-8092

I help startup employees improve all possible outcomes having to do with their employee stock options. Startup employees take above-average risk by having a significant portion of their compensation tied up in non-guaranteed stock options.

Using the Infinite Banking Concept, you can hedge against the possibility of your stock options being worthless. At the same time, you can maximize your possible upside by leveraging the liquidity of an IBC policy. This allows you to more efficiently exercise stock options without having to liquidate your hard-earned shares. Or, it can give you access to the cash needed if an early-exercise is offered.

I spent the first 20 years of my career as a “serial startup employee” in San Francisco / Silicon Valley. I have a background in cloud services, data centers, mechanical equipment, construction, real estate, and finance. My mission is to give the world’s most innovative risk-takers: startup employees, more options to increase their income and retirement, regardless of how their stock options perform.

Contact me to set up a time to meet in San Francisco, Oakland, or the surrounding Bay Area.

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