Frank Riedel IV, CEP

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Raleigh, north carolina
Hurricane Financial Corporation
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Frank has worked with hundreds of clients from coast to coast for well over a decade as a Wealth Strategist, Certified Estate Planner (CEP) and Infinite Banking Expert. He is licensed in a number of states and continues to expand licensing into other states to serve new clients. Also known as a corporate retirement expert, Frank fuses time tested estate planning strategies and his passion for The Infinite Banking Concept to help people better their financial futures. What sets Frank apart from many professionals in the Insurance and Financial Services arena is his experience, knowledge and a deep desire to help people.

In addition to being a well respected Infinite Banking Expert his work as a Wealth Strategist has been featured in top industry publications such as Adviser Today Magazine and Vanguard Magazine.

Infinite Banking is without a doubt, at the heart of his conversations with families, individuals and business owners.

As a Certified Estate Planner and Licensed Professional, my Infinite Banking story started out like a lot of other people. I read the “Becoming You Own Banker” book by Mr. R. Nelson Nash. From there I began implementing the strategy for myself within my own household. IBC has become a huge part of my wife and my life. After seeing the success and control we had created within our own finances, I began talking to clients about this Amazing Strategic Concept. Years later, we’ve transformed and reshaped our company into the leading-edge authority on Infinite Banking that it is today!

“As an individual, you are extremely unique. At Hurricane Financial, your story is important to us. Taking time to know our clients and designing unique strategies that add value to the lives of our clients and those they care most about is at the heart of all we do!”

Frank Riedel IV, Founder
Hurricane Financial Corporation
Wealth. Security. Control in The Eye of the Storm!

Client Testimonial:
Mr. Riedel, thank you to you and your entire staff at Hurricane Financial for making this whole Infinite Banking strategy easy to understand and easy to implement. My husband and I are excited about the road ahead and The Infinite Banking Concept will be a huge part of our strategy and plan.
By the way, I am passing your name on to everyone I know.
Julie – Fort Collins, CO.

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