Articles in the December 2015 BankNotes

There’s No Such Thing as Excessive Profits

Problems with a “Fair Rate of Return” By Robert P. Murphy If you want to do business in Venezuela, you will have to let the government do your bookkeeping to make sure you aren’t making too much. Venezuelan president Nicolás […]

Thanksgiving Is a Celebration of Free Enterprise

By Kent Dillon November 26, 2015 Judy Thommesen [Every year at Thanksgiving-time I resurrect a column written by a fellow teacher, Kent Dillon, about the real reason we celebrate this holiday. It is a story no longer told in the […]

Vision – Chapter Six – Solving the Energy Crisis is Simple

by Leonard E. Read Note – Frequent readers of BANKNOTES are aware of my relationship with Leonard E. Read and my admiration for his works during his lifetime. In the following issues I will be sharing his book, VISION, one […]

No More “Free Trade” Treaties: It’s Time for Genuine Free Trade

Ferghane Azihari & Louis Rouanet It is erroneous to believe that free traders have been historically in favor of free trade agreements between governments. Paradoxically, the opposite is true. Curiously, many laissez-faire advocates fall into the government-made trap by supporting […]