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Financial Philistine: Dave Ramsey Attacks the Infinite Banking Concept — Again! — with Humiliating Errors

August 10, 2021

by Ryan Griggs Jun 18, 2021 Background Mega popular radio show host and online financial entertainment personality Dave Ramsey can’t help but attack the idea of “banking” with whole life insurance. In November of last year, Dave made that explicit on YouTube with his video entitled “Why Infinite Banking is … Read more

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Nelson Nash’s Becoming Your Own Banker: PART III Lesson 3 How to Start Building Your Own Banking System

July 9, 2021

Content: Page 42-43, Becoming Your Own Banker Fifth Edition Now, let’s look at Method E. We will call this twin “Insurance Sister.” She uses dividend-paying whole life insurance as a depositary of the necessary capital to create her banking system to finance her automobiles. She puts $5,000 per year into … Read more

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