Articles in the January 2016 BankNotes

Did “Tight” Fed Policy Cause the Financial Crisis?

DECEMBER 16, 2015 — Robert P. Murphy Recently Senator Ted Cruz aggressively questioned Janet Yellen on the Fed’s possible role in causing the financial crisis and subsequent recession. In particular, he claimed that “in the summer of 2008” the Fed […]

Thanks, Janet Yellen: Homeownership in US Falls to 25-Year Low

December 11, 2015 Ryan McMaken I do not regard home ownership rates as a proxy measure of economic prosperity. But, in the United States, increasing home ownership has long been a goal of federal policymakers, and Federal Reserve policy is […]

PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette

DECEMBER 28, 2015 — Jeff Deist [This article appears in the November–December 2015 issue of The Austrian.] I’d like to speak today about what political correctness is, at least in its modern version, what it is not, and what we […]

VISION – Chapter Seven – Changes and Exchanges

by Leonard E. Read Note – Frequent readers of BANKNOTES are aware of my relationship with Leonard E. Read and my admiration for his works during his lifetime. In the following issues I will be sharing his book, VISION, one […]

Bubble Watch: No-Down-Payment Jumbo Mortgage Makes a Comeback

by Paul-Martin Foss December 11, 2015 A credit union in San Francisco is offering a $2 million, no down payment mortgage loan to borrowers. And while this is being offered by a credit union, credit unions of necessity being more […]

No, “Big Data” Can’t Predict the Future

Per Bylund December 7, 2015 With Google’s dominance in the online search engine market we entered the Age of Free. Indeed, services offered online are nowadays expected to be offered at no cost. Which, of course, does not mean that […]