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Nelson Nash’s Becoming Your Own Banker: Part IV, Lesson 5 Equipment Financing

March 3, 2022

Content: Page 61, BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER – The Infinite Banking Concept. Please turn to page 61 in your copy of the book. In this instance the young logger says to the life insurance agent, “This is getting better! Is it possible to finance three trucks through this system?” “Yes,” … Read more

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An IBC Tax Strategy Part III

March 2, 2022

By L. Carlos Lara [An IBC Tax Strategy Part I is in the January, 2022 edition of BankNotes, An IBC Tax Strategy Part II is in the February, 2022 edition of BankNotes, visit the online BankNotes Archives to find them] In this third and concluding article about an IBC Tax … Read more

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