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by R. Nelson Nash When I wrote Building Your Warehouse of Wealth a short chapter was devoted to my personal experience with U.S. Silver Eagle coins. A short review of the decision to purchase these coins is necessary. In 1977 […]

Notes from the Cutting Edge of Finance

Ryan Griggs First published in February, 2018 on I’ve just returned from the Nelson Nash Institute’s (NNI) annual Think Tank conference for practitioners of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) in Birmingham, AL. It seems appropriate to say a few words about […]

Owners vs. Managers

by Butler Shaffer When I was in law practice, I represented employers in matters involving labor law. My experiences confirmed how respect for the inviolability of private property interests was the essential element not only for a peaceful and orderly […]

Why Bad Economics Makes Such Good Politics

Ryan McMaken As the election nears, politicians will more and more frantically point out what wonderful favors they’ve done for the voters — or what favors they will do for the voters, if elected. Of course, they never mean all the voters. They mean […]

Leonard Read’s Vision of a Liberty-Loving Government

In a dramatic contrast with political candidates’ promises to violate moral principles and other people’s property, Leonard Read recognized that “Nothing is in our nation’s capital except that which is taken from individuals.” Gary M. Galles In Richard Ebeling’s “This […]

Why Spiritual People Are More Inclined to Embrace Free Markets Than Materialists

Capitalism, after all, is a system that requires a level of comfort with inequalities in material outcomes. Jon Miltimore In his 1993 book The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, the late Christian philosopher Michael Novak wrote that certain cultures are […]

What the Economic Models of Nobel Laureate William Nordhaus Say on Climate Change

The UN’s pessimism doesn’t jibe with these economic models. by Robert P. Murphy Yale University professor William Nordhaus was named a co-recipient of this year’s Nobel (Memorial) Prize in economics for his work on climate change. The award was of particular interest […]

Compulsory Schooling Is Incompatible with Freedom

America’s Founding Father knew that forcible education was incompatible with freedom. Kerry McDonald If we care about freedom, we should reject compulsory schooling. A relic of 19th-century industrial America, compulsory schooling statutes reduced the broad and noble goal of an […]