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The Definitive Difference of the Nelson Nash Institute

by L. Carlos Lara [Reprinted from the March 2017 edition of the Lara-Murphy-Report, LMR] Editors’ note: The following article is based on the remarks Carlos Lara made at the February 2017 Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) “Think Tank” in Birmingham, Alabama. […]

The Man Who Kept the Flame that Would Illuminate the World

In 1933, Leonard Read had a conversion experience that was, in a very broad sense, similar to that of St. Paul. Paul experienced his “Damascene conversion” while en route to Damascus, where he intended to persecute recalcitrant Christians. And Read […]

Kids Don’t Need to Be “Well Rounded.” They Need to Be Passionate.

A few years ago, I started watching a TV show called Master Chef Junior. It’s a cooking competition where kids from ages 8-15 compete each week to see who can cook the best dishes for a panel of expert judges. […]

World War I and the Triumph of Illiberal Ideology

by Matthew McCaffrey Just over a century ago, in August 1914, the major European nations plunged their peoples into one of the most disastrous conflicts in history. The First World War claimed at least seventeen million lives, destroyed the social […]

Compulsory Schooling Is Incompatible with Freedom

If we care about freedom, we should reject compulsory schooling. A relic of 19th-century industrial America, compulsory schooling statutes reduced the broad and noble goal of an educated citizenry into a one-size-fits-all system of state-controlled mass schooling that persists today. […]

Maine Is Nullifying Federal Regulations that Cripple Local Farmers

A few weeks ago, Maine Governor Paul LePage signed a Food Sovereignty Bill into law, guaranteeing the rights of Maine towns to regulate food production locally, rather than submitting to federal regulation. Although the press is avoiding describing the bill […]

Why Movie Viewers Should See “Tulip Fever”

Amsterdam’s Tulip Fever has been a curiosity of economists for centuries. “Tulip Fever” the book was a bestseller in 1999. However, the average moviegoer was not curious about “Tulip Fever” the movie as it grossed short of $1.2 million over […]

Bastiat Is Common Sense Personified

To read mainstream economics reporting regularly is to encounter one blood pressure-raising falsehood after another. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Justin Lahart, the savings without which there would be no economic progress are economically harmful. Lahart’s colleague Greg Ip agrees about […]

Why the NNI?

Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy At the February 2013 IBC Think Tank, the Infinite Banking Institute was launched. It was not a brand new entity, but instead it marked a more formalized structure through which Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking […]