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An IBC Tax Strategy Part III

By L. Carlos Lara [Reprinted from the August, 2017 edition of the Lara-Murphy-Report, LMR] [An IBC Tax Strategy Part I is in the August, 2017 edition of BankNotes, An IBC Tax Strategy Part II is in the September, 2017 edition […]

Hamilton Liar

By Brion McClanahan Republicans unveiled their tax plan in September to mixed reviews. That was to be expected. It hasn’t gotten any better in recent weeks. Americans generally want lower taxes. They also want the Republican Party to do something […]

So This Is What Happens With Government Disaster Relief?

The idea of having government assist after a natural disaster sounds great. It makes us feel good. Houston floods? Send millions. New Orleans floods? Send hundreds of millions. Puerto Rico? The place is a mess and needs billions and billions. […]

The Bolshevik Great Experiment: 100 Years Later

by T. Hunt Tooley Since the beginning of the centennial of World War I, I have been writing a series of essays about the war as the memory of events passes us by–a hundred years later. But as we approach […]

Parents Can Trust Kids to Teach Themselves

Good news: Great parenting is much easier and more fun than most people think, even if you homeschool: in fact, especially if you homeschool. You don’t need to be an expert, whether in education or any given subject matter, for […]

State Coercion Is Intoxicating, Seductive, and Wrong

A while ago I met a young religious woman who founded a very successful nonprofit organization all by herself. The organization raises private funds for, and organizes trips to, various important and holy Jewish sites for high school classes. She […]

Education Is the State’s Greatest Tool for Propaganda

In chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom, Hayek describes how some of the worst people always end up rising to the top of the political heap. Continuing to touch on this theme in the eleventh chapter, Hayek digs even […]

Why the NNI?

Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy At the February 2013 IBC Think Tank, the Infinite Banking Institute was launched. It was not a brand new entity, but instead it marked a more formalized structure through which Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking […]