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by R. Nelson Nash In last month’s issue of BankNotes newsletter, I wrote an article entitled Something to Ponder. As a result, for all month long, I have been doing a lot of pondering and have concluded that this is […]

Why Banking Is No Ordinary Industry

by Ryan Griggs Have you ever wondered what you ought to do with the money you make? If so, you aren’t alone. Recent college graduates, many of whom have had little to no experience in managing an income, find themselves […]

Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies

Robert P. Murphy [Originally published March, 2010.] There is a connection between fiat currencies and trade deficits, and many cynics have argued that the US dollar’s status as global reserve currency allowed Americans to consume more than they produced for […]

3 Economic Fallacies That Just Won’t Die

In any academic discipline, one can find two types of experts: those who are incapable of explaining complex ideas in a simple manner; and those capable of making the difficult look easy. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the […]

Trade and the Rise of Freedom

Thomas J. DiLorenzo [This speech was delivered at the Mises Institute’s conference on “The History of Liberty.”] It is not an exaggeration to say that trade is the keystone of modern civilization. For as Murray Rothbard wrote: “The market economy […]

The Looming Mortgage Liquidity Crisis

Doug French Every 10 years or so there is a banking crisis. We are due. However, the furthest thing from most people’s minds with the Trump boom is a banking/financial crisis, except for a few folks at the Brookings Institution, […]

Why Passionate Educators Should Consider Leaving Academia

Professors and teachers: The best way to increase the quality and engagement of students is to separate your instruction from accredited institutions. Offer your instruction to excited customers in the market!   Don’t complain about low-quality students; they’re not there […]

How the Founder of Dell Convinced His Parents It Was OK to Quit College

Michael Dell shared the first ever financial statement from Dell on Twitter today and said that it’s “the one I used to convince my parents that it was OK for me to not go back to college.” Though we won’t all […]

Why the NNI?

Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy At the February 2013 IBC Think Tank, the Infinite Banking Institute was launched. It was not a brand new entity, but instead it marked a more formalized structure through which Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking […]