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More Pondering On Social Security

by R. Nelson Nash Earlier in this series of articles I wrote a little bit about Social Security.  But, it kept haunting me that there is much more that needs to be revealed about this unbelievable con game. And so, […]

The Idea That the Fed Is ‘Independent’ Is Absurd

By Robert P. Murphy President Donald Trump sparked controversy — as is his wont — when he recently told CNBC that he was “not thrilled” with the Federal Reserve’s announced hikes in short-term interest rates, which he claimed would hinder the economic […]

Who Owns the State?

by Butler Shaffer I have come to the conclusion that imperialism and exploitation are forms of cannibalism and, in fact, are precisely those forms of cannibalism that are most diabolical or evil. – Jack D. Forbes Recent events across the carnival of hokum midway make […]

Spending Restraint Is Key to Avoiding a Greek-Style Fiscal Meltdowns, IMF Study Shows

Daniel J. Mitchell Way back in early 2011, I wrote about the likelihood of various nations suffering a Greek-style meltdown. After speculating on the importance of debt burdens and interest payments, I concluded that …which nation will be the next domino to fall? […]

Political Change Starts with Self-Improvement

The way toward social improvement is not through forcing what one sees as improvements on others, but through self-improvement. by Gary M. Galles The Foundation for Economic Education’s founder Leonard Read’s book Accent on the Right (1968) hits the half-century mark this […]

Education Is Not a Right

José Niño Among issues in American politics, public education remains a sacred cow for many voters. Political elites incessantly remind us that public education is a fundamental pillar of civilization. Without public education, we would continue to be uneducated savages. […]