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By L. Carlos Lara

[Reprinted from the July, 2020 edition of the Lara-Murphy-Report, LMR]

It was after reading the works of Augustine of Hippo that I was able to more accurately comprehend the depravity of man and how far his violence can actually extend. Prior to this I was always asking, what many of us lately are asking, “what’s wrong with people these days?” The answer quite simply is that man’s fundamental problem is sin. Although God created man and all of creation and then declared them to be good, when sin entered the world, all of creation became broken. The fall of creation now declares all of us to be sinners. Consequently, we are all guilty and under a divine curse. This is why judging another person can be difficult, and it should be.

And, yes. You assess me correctly. I am Christian. So, I naturally think this way.

But, wait just a minute, it is precisely because Augustine’s landmark writings, most notably “The City of God” and “Confessions,” were the books that actually influenced the development of Western philosophy and Western Christianity for the entire world, and has done so for centuries. You must admit that this is a monumental phenomenon.

This is why I have searched his books and his reasoning once again in an effort to make sense of what, or who, is the invisible culprit to our current coronavirus madness that has engulfed the world and brought about all other forms of recent violence. Although many of us can guess the who and the why, because it’s perfectly human, broken as we all are, to want to know what evil looks like. More importantly, to know that our assessment is accurate.

The world, we all know, has been coming undone for millennia and many of us have eventually become aware of it even during our own lifetimes. Still, it’s very hard for us to believe what has recently happened to our country, indeed all nations, and in just a matter of a few short months. Please remember that this is just July 2020.

So, my burning question is this: Will we remain passive and silent forever, until all of what is meaningful in life is completely destroyed? Or, will we be moved to act now before it is too late? But then again, exactly, how do we actually do it?

When we witness the repeated injustices to our liberties and continuing violence, and loss of safety for our children and grandchildren, that is the moment when many of us are eventually moved to look further and deeper for answers. Eventually, when we find the answers, we are motivated to speak out. But, we must be careful and thoughtful in pointing fingers.

Readers of our issue know that I have written about “so called” conspiracy theories in the past because, as we all know, sometimes they prove to be true. I will do it again in this LMR article. I want to show you what my research has uncovered. And, since I intend to name names, I will be extra careful about my facts and information. I will let you, our LMR readers, be the judge and jury of what I will report.

Assassinations, Like Conspiracies, Are Real

When I was 16 years old living in Texas at the time when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, I was absolutely too young to understand politics, much less anything about how governments worked. I barely knew what constituted an assassination. The murder of an individual was rarely talked about in my home or neighborhood. This is one reason why years later we refer to that period in time as the age of innocence. We were the “baby boomers” of that era, and basically, we were all just children.

But, although widespread, this young innocent view of the world certainly did not apply to every age group. The older generation of that time had already experienced world wars and the death of innocent men, women, and children. They had witnessed the atomic bomb, the Jewish Holocaust, and the death camps of Russia’s Joseph Stalin. So, as you can see, the broken world, as Christianity describes it, keeps marching on.

But this is precisely why we, now the older generation, need to be vigilant and protective, of especially, our own children. Children love the beauty and wonder of the world, but are very susceptible to falling prey to all kinds of evil forces within it. Even grown adults many times remain childlike and lack wisdom, which makes them fall into snares. This is why Augustine, in all his writings, never tired of reminding us that the prince of this world was Satan, “who, like a roaring lion, seeks whom he may devour.”1 The gullible, we must remember, are always his easiest kill. Today, during the time of this pandemic, we are living among people of immense gullibility.

Speaking of President Kennedy, in fact his entire family, they certainly were an elite group of individuals. They were immensely wealthy, physically attractive, and brilliant. Apparently, they were blessed by God in every humanly way, “but then again, were they really?”

For sure, the Kennedy’s personas have been with us for over 50 years and many of us have read countless books on, especially, John and Robert Kennedy, the history of their lives, their terrible assassinations, and of course, even their affairs. Many of these stories were not mere theories.

Ted Kennedy, their youngest brother, was not murdered, but is memorialized by the events of his Chappaquiddick incident. This event forevermore hindered his opportunity of ever becoming president of the United States. We have grown up knowing them well, and their stories are a thoughtful reminder of our fallen humanity, even and especially among, the rich and powerful like their own family.

But, the one Kennedy we know the least about is the senior Kennedy, and that would be, Joseph P. Kennedy. It is this particular Kennedy who will lead off this LMR narrative, and here’s why. There is an old saying you may find helpful when reading what I have to say in “part one” of this rendering. It goes something like this — “the fish stinks from the head down.” So, we will start with the head first, the father.

The Sins of the Father

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Joseph P. Kennedy as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1934, a colleague asked Roosevelt “why he had appointed such a crook. Roosevelt replied: it takes one to catch one.”2 Here, in one statement, this unflattering comment from Roosevelt describes the life of Joseph P. Kennedy and what several sources claim the elder Kennedy was really like.

Nevertheless, Joseph Kennedy was industrious, ambitious, and smart. John Simkin, a writer of educational books on the life of the senior Kennedy, tells us that all of Kennedy’s grandparents, who were of Irish descent, were active members of the Democratic Party and they did very well financially in the United States. They had immigrated to Massachusetts in the 1840s to escape the Irish famine. Wikipedia tells us that this famine was a period of starvation in Ireland which took the lives of one million people, and a million more people emigrated.

Relying on Simkins’s publication again, he tells us that “Kennedy studied at Harvard University and in 1914 married Rose Fitzgerald, the daughter of John Francis Fitzgerald, the mayor of Boston. The couple had nine children: Joseph (25th July, 1915), John (29th May, 1917), Rose (13th September, 1918), Kathleen (20th February, 1920), Eunice (10th July, 1921), Patricia (16th May, 1924), Robert (20th November, 1925), Jean (20th February, 1928), and Edward (22th September, 1932).”3

Joseph Kennedy started his career as the manager of a commercial bank and later became its president at the age of 25. The Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia both mention this fact and that friends often heard Kennedy brag to the press that he was the youngest bank president in America. As his wealth continued to increase he did prove to be an astute businessman, who many would say, did not mind cheating if he had to.

By 1919 Kennedy had left the bank and had become an expert in the stock market. He managed the investment firm of Hayden, Stone and Company and by using insider trading tricks that today are illegal, he became a multi-millionaire retiring from the investment business just before the Wall Street Crash of 1929. (Later, as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, he criminalized the very same tricks that made him wealthy, making them officially illegal for anyone else.)

Kennedy was a strong supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt and he donated and raised a substantial amount of money to help Roosevelt during the 1932 presidential election. In response to Kennedy’s efforts, Roosevelt appointed Kennedy as United States Ambassador to Britain.

Simkins’ publication says that Joseph E. Persico, the author of Roosevelt’s Secret War (2001) argued that:

“The President may have had an ulterior motive. Joseph Kennedy had proved something of a misguided missile in Washington. The right wing saw him as a renegade, a businessman who attacked his own kind. The left painted him as a man who could be troublesome for labor. Within the administration, he was counted a power-hungry publicity hound, a harsh critic of the administration when it suited him, and a man whose business dealings might not stand up to close scrutiny.” 4

One such financial incident in Joseph Kennedy’s past was a 1928 hostile buyout of Pantages Theatre Chain where Alexander Pantages refused to sell out to Kennedy. When Pantages was later charged and tried for rape, his reputation was ruined and he was forced to sell to Kennedy at a much-reduced price. At a second trial Pantages claimed that Kennedy had set him up. According to some accounts, the girl who had accused Pantages of rape, Eunice Pringle, confessed on her deathbed that Kennedy was the mastermind of the plot to frame Pantages.

Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury under Roosevelt and a close friend, claimed that Roosevelt had told him that “Kennedy is too dangerous to have around here (meaning Washington) …I have made arrangements to have Joe Kennedy watched hourly and the first time he opens his mouth and criticizes me, I will fire him.”5 As Ambassador to Britain, Kennedy was so vocal as a sympathizer to Adolf Hitler and his views on the Jews, that the British government saw him as an enemy and traitor.

William Donovan, a close advisor to the White House and friend of President Roosevelt, reported that Ambassador Kennedy had been placed under electronic surveillance by the British government. In his report to Roosevelt he argued several reasons why Kennedy should be dismissed, chief among them was that Kennedy was very critical of Winston Churchill, and of openly stating that Britain would lose the war. Roosevelt took Donovan’s counsel. In November, 1940, Kennedy was forced to resign.

Legendary Adulterers

This apparent fall from political grace did not seem to abate the Kennedys’ pride, nor to subdue their ambitions, nor their pursuits to amass even more wealth and power. During the Great Depression, Kennedy vastly increased his fortune which in 1929 was estimated at $59.6 million in today’s money. By 1935, just six years later, his wealth had increased to the equivalent sum of $3.36 billion in today’s money.

As for his boys, John, Robert and Ted—the eldest son, Joe Jr., died in action during World War 2—they went on to become wealthy influential politicians as well as, (at least in the case of President John Kennedy), notorious womanizers, just like their father who approved of the practice. It’s an odd relationship that Joseph Kennedy established with his sons. But one of the most bizarre examples of marriage in the Kennedy households is displayed by Rose Kennedy, and then later by the wives of all the Kennedy men.

According to one of Joseph Kennedy’s affair partner, Gloria Swanson (a famous movie actress), it didn’t matter to Rose Kennedy and she knew all about Joseph Kennedy’s infidelities. So long as she retained the wealth, privilege and status that were afforded to members of the Kennedy clan, Rose was able to carry on. Of course, the secrecy and protection from the public, press and other media that the government afforded important members of the White House at that time, assisted the existence of this lifestyle.

Joseph and all three of his boys were plagued right up to their adult lives with rumors and scandals of affairs with other women. Even Robert Kennedy, the one most believed to be completely loyal to his wife, was also blamed in cases of sexual dishonesty.

Kennedy Senior and John Kennedy, the President, in particular, have the most exhausting list of verifiable sexual improprieties in the family. In examining this evidence, I have selected two of the most recognized and documented accounts attributable to President Kennedy. One is the case of Marilyn Monroe and the accounts of her death. The other is Judith Exner, her illegal abortion, and her and the President’s connections to the mafia boss, Sam Giancana. Both can be found on the YouTube links in the resource list of this article.6

With regards to Ted Kennedy, the Chappaquiddick incident where Mary Jo Kopechne was drowned is by far the most inciteful and condemning. According to Kennedy, his only crime was leaving the scene of the accident and not reporting to the police until the next day at which point her dead body had already been fished out of the water. Ted Kennedy was a U.S. senator at this time, but escaped any sanctions for the unconfirmed accident, other than Kennedy’s own word. Consequently, rumors of foul play lingered for years afterward up to the time of his death.7

Although these scandalous stories of the Kennedy family are tragically immoral, they in no way impair their brilliant minds and cunning abilities to navigate effectively as leaders in this world. Just the same, they are fallen creatures like the rest of us. When God ultimately decides to roll back the scrolls of time, they must, like everyone else, give an account of each one of their deeds.

But, I have written this entire Kennedy chapter in order to introduce to you the next, and, in my opinion, the most important of the Kennedys living in our time. As a Kennedy he is by no means a saint, but surprisingly he admits his wrong doings, and is remorseful about them.

Like all Kennedys before him, he is a Democrat, but he is currently upset with his party, especially in the midst of government enforced lockdowns. Many refer to him as a true hero. But, you be the judge. As for me, this particular Kennedy has uncovered some revealing truths that expose the evil being we have been seeking to hold accountable for the radical measures being forced upon much of the world’s population.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy (assassinated in 1968) and nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy (assassinated in 1963), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, is an environmental lawyer. He is also the president of Waterkeeper Alliance, and the chairman of Children’s Health Defense. He has spent the last 15 years advocating for proper safety testing of vaccines.

Kennedy, an Irish Catholic, has taken on the unenviable roll of David fighting the pharmaceutical and big business Goliaths, and has achieved an enormous $2 billion victory against Bayer’s Monsanto and its popular weed killer, Round Up, for causing terminal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in consumers.

His recent appeal, dated May 4, 2020, and addressed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was signed by 80 people, including theologians, journalists, prelates, doctors, lawyers, and associations. It is a call to action summarized in the following statements:

“The facts have shown that, under the pretext of the COVID-19 epidemic, the inalienable rights of citizens have, in many cases, been violated and their fundamental freedoms, including their exercise of freedom of worship, and movement, have been disproportionate and unjustifiably restricted. Public health must not, and cannot, become an alibi for infringing on the rights of millions of people around the world, let alone for depriving the civil authorities of its duty to act wisely for the common good.”8

Signed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, this Appeal for dignity to the Church and for the world is in six languages and reminds all Christians among all other things already mentioned, that it is morally unacceptable to develop or use vaccines derived from material from aborted fetuses. The entire Appeal can be read here:

Next Month in the LMR: In Part Two of The Global “Lock Step Scenario,” the World Health Organization, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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