Choice, a new book by Robert P. Murphy

We are pleased to announce the release of a new book by Dr. Robert P. Murphy. Dr. Murphy is the primary author of our IBC Practitioner Program Course Manual, and is one of our Board  Directors for the Nelson Nash Institute.  The book will be available in July 2015 through the Independent Institute. Pre-orders are being accepted at the Independent Institute’s website.

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Publisher’s Summary

Unlike what usually passes for economics in many classrooms, government, the media and elsewhere, Choice is an engaging and intriguing book that provides something quite unique: a genuine treatise on economics that instructs and entertains both economists and general readers. Drawing on the seminal volume by the “Austrian School” economist Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, and comparing classical and neoclassical approaches, Choice is a creative, comprehensive, and unusually lucid book on economic science and market processes. The book illuminates free economies as underpinning civilization, the folly of government central planning, the primacy of entrepreneurship and innovation, the nature of money and banking, the causes of the business cycle, the failures of government intervention, and more.