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An Online Video Series for the General Public
Created and Distributed by the Nelson Nash Institute

The Nelson Nash Institute is providing open access to the first four modules free of charge in the embedded videos below. For access to the full series, scroll down to subscribe.

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NOTE: Users can register for the full course below. However, be advised that the remaining modules (#5 - #12) will be released monthly from October 2020 through May 2021.

Module Release Schedule:

  • Module 5: The Life Insurance Industry (Carlos Lara) Scheduled Release Date October 2020
  • Module 6: Why Not Buy Term and Invest the Difference? (Robert Murphy) Scheduled Release Date November 2020
  • Module 7: Using IBC to Pass Wealth to Future Generations (David Stearns) Scheduled Release Date December 2020
  • Module 8: The MEC Rule and Policy Design (Carlos Lara) Scheduled Release Date January 2021
  • Module 9: Does IBC Work for Older People? (Robert Murphy) Scheduled Release Date February 2021
  • Module 10: IBC for the Business Owner (Carlos Lara) Scheduled Release Date March 2021
  • Module 11: Using Your IBC Policy: Premiums, Dividends, and Policy Loans (Robert Murphy) Scheduled Release Date April 2021
  • Module 12: IBC as a Way of Life (David Stearns) Scheduled Release Date May 2021