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In this year’s NIGHT OF CLARITY our nationally-recognized speakers will explore the theme “CAPITALISM vs. CORPORATISM.” Experts from business and academia—all versed in the Austrian School of economics—will explain how the government and the Federal Reserve stack the deck to favor the big banks and other insiders. Attendees will receive an expert diagnosis of what went wrong with our economy, and how to FIX it, yet all in terms the layperson can understand.

The Friday lectures will culminate with the headline address by DAVID STOCKMAN, former budget director under Ronald Reagan and author of the New York Times bestseller The Great Deformation. Stockman is qualified as no other to give an insider account of how both parties pulled a con job on Americans, selling them free market “capitalism” but in reality delivering crony corporatism, with the government and Fed picking winners and losers. Stockman names names and pulls no punches in his diagnosis of our fiscal mess.

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