Sales Training for Financial Professionals

Freedom Advisor

The Freedom Advisor Live Event

Announcing the 15-17 November, 2016 3-day workshop for financial professionals—taught by authorized IBC Practitioners and the board of the Nelson Nash Institute.

Subjects covered during the three days include:

  • “The Mindset Scorecard”
  • “The Mastermind Conversation”
  • “High Quality Client Attraction Process”
  • “Generational Planning”
  • “Incorporating Empathy into Client Conversations”

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The creation of the Nelson Nash Institute as well as the Authorized IBC Practitioner Program were not originally designed to teach how to sell IBC—either to the general public or financial professionals.  The purpose of the Nelson Nash Institute and IBC Practitioner Program has always been strictly educational, rather than an explicit marketing program.

However, we have always known that a sales job necessarily involves knowledge of “how to sell” and that such an educational component would be forthcoming when the time was right.  This is why an association with Freedom Advisor (FA) Group was created. FA’s credentials, experience, and most important, their mindset make them the ideal partners and we are privileged to be moving into this educational association with them. FA’s staff are Authorized IBC Practitioners.

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