IBC Seminar

November 4, 2017

College of St. Elizabeth
2 Convent Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Additional Information:

Infinite Banking Concepts (IBC) LLC and the Nelson Nash Institute are proud to present the IBC Seminar. The Nelson Nash Institute created this financial education seminar that’s a crash course in the Infinite Banking Concept to bring our solution to the public.

You will learn IBC from the man who discovered it, and from the authors of the book linking IBC with Austrian economics. Our speakers come from different starting points…one is an economist, one is a business workout specialist, and the inventor of the Infinite Banking Concept himself, R. Nelson Nash.

Have you had a feeling for years that something is wrong with our financial system. But you could never quite put your finger on it… we tried leaving the financial “experts” in charge… but what can the average person do? Whether running a household or a business, do you feel your money is in safe hands? Would you like another option? 

For attendance information please contact:

Thomas J. O’Connell: 973-394-0623 Email: tjoconnell@internationalfinancial.com

Alan Blecker: 914-413-1793, Office: 201-962-7173 Email: Alan@AlanBleckerCPA.Com

Or Lyneah J. Madrid: 505-819-8477 Email: lyneah@alanbleckercpa.com