The IBC Think Tank (8-9 February, 2018)


The IBC Think Tank returns as the premier event for IBC Practitioners that are passionate about Infinite Banking.  The IBCTT is where financial paradigm thinkers come to share, learn and celebrate our movement.

The IBCTT is scheduled for 8-9 February, 2018, and will be held in Birmingham, Alabama.

This event is invitation only and only members and confirmed guests will be allowed to attend.
Confirmed Guests? Yes, we have opened the event up so that our membership can bring guests.
Who meets the definition of a guest? Anyone invited by our membership who is interested in IBC and who wants to learn more about the IBC Practitioner.  A guest can be a client, an employee, a business associate, or interested financial professional.Caveat, if the guest is a financial professional, they are only allowed to come in a guest status one time.

The theme for this year’s Think Tank is “Who is Our Client”.

With subjects:
Is the Independent Advisor a Dinosaur? (Why or Why not?);
Is the Internet/Social Media the answer to Gaining Clients? (Why or Why not?)
How do we attract Millennials?
Are we being an “IBC witness” to the public?
(Our definition: a witness has personal experience and public expression.)
Contact me or your IBC Practitioner to learn more about attending.

David Stearns