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Nelson Nash’s extraordinary book Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept, is a revolutionary life-changing financial message that focuses on the importance and power of banking. This book has given thousands of people new financial insights, shown them some of the extraordinary benefits of creating your own banking system using the mechanisms inherent in dividend-paying, permanent life insurance.

The Next Step...

After reading the book what is the next step?

Find an Authorized IBC Practitioner Financial Professional!

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And, get in front of Nelson Nash! Listen to him live, ask questions and deepen your understanding of his revolutionary message. Now you have the opportunity to listen to Nelson live, ask questions and deepen your understanding of his revolutionary message by attending a Becoming Your Own Banker Seminar.

How The Seminar is Organized...

The comprehensive seminar is organized into a five-part, ten-hour consumer-oriented study of The Infinite Banking Concept that uses the book as the guide. Typically, Nelson covers the concept’s fundamentals in a two-hour introductory block the first day. He then covers the “how to” over an eight-hour block the final day.

What If...

What if you could recover the interest expenses you pay to finance cars or other major purchases?  What if you could recover the “lost fortune” we now lose on the money we needlessly give to financial institutions?  If you answer yes, then would you? You can if you learn how to Become your own Banker.

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