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Q. Why didn't someone else come up with this sooner?

A. In the answer rests the uniqueness of this concept. The underlying contract of a whole life dividend paying life insurance policy has not fundamentally changed in over 100 years. This contract is central to the entire system. So, the concept of how to convert that contract into a tax-advantaged vehicle with similar transactional mechanics of the banking process is what has been developed. The author has created this concept around two divisive platforms that, to date, sets his process apart from anything else in the marketplace. One is that this is completely an educational process, and two; this concept is based on fundamental economic theory. The author is both a practitioner and student of economics as opposed to an agent who depends on commissioned sales for a living.

Q. Is there an "Achilles' Heel" in this system?

A. Since a perfect system does not exist, there are some obstacles in the details of any system. The particulars in this program would be namely; the commitment of a long term discipline to save (vs. a get rich quick program)...the working knowledge of how to apply this system to the owner's greatest advantage by following the designated guidelines...the application of the correct insurance contract along with the prescribed options, riders and ratios...and, the belief and understanding that this program works because of fundamental economic principles, U.S. tax laws and insurance contractual guarantees.

Q. Who is the target market here...the IBC Practitioner or the client?

A. Both. The end user in all cases is the policy owner. But, most of the IBC Practitioners who introduce this concept to their clients have already bought-in as policy owners themselves and are able to demonstrate first-hand how this concept is working for them. The market is directed to anyone who wants to explore the alternatives to conventional banking and gain control of certain inherent banking transactions that were not previously available.

Q. What are IBC Practitioners and their clients saying about their experiences with this system?

A. "I've been to countless seminars and advanced training sessions in my 25 years in this business, but this one changed my life" said one agent. But, more importantly a significant leader in the insurance community (a past president of a major insurance company) stated...

"His book has impressed me most favorably. I found it highly informative and stimulating. I have always held the author in high esteem, but this volume far surpasses my most optimistic expectations. I recommend it be read by every owner of life insurance." (Scores of endorsements are available on request.)

Q. What is the best format to learn and apply these principles?

A. Originally, and for several years this concept could only be gained by attending a live seminar conducted by R. Nelson Nash himself in cities all over the country. That is one of the reasons that this concept has been gaining a ground swell over a longer period of time instead of a "big bang" proposition. Nelson was encouraged approximately eighteen years ago to write the book of "Becoming Your Own Banker" that he refers to extensively in his seminars. Now published, the book has allowed the learning and application curve to rise sharply. (Note: we are now selling the fifth edition of the book, and have sold over 300,000 copies to date.) But, more recently, the full Five-Part Eight-Hour Seminar has been Commercially and Professionally produced and is available for IBC Practitioners and clients to own. Consequently, because of the video, the best possible vehicle is now in place to facilitate learning and understanding through the irreplaceable technique of repetition.

Q. Define the "educational" positioning and why that is important?

A. R. Nelson Nash states "while I have been a commissioned insurance agent in the past, I have a different position today. I try to make it very clear, in any medium of this message, that I am delivering this subject based on sound economic theory. It just happens that this particular brand of insurance contract inherently possesses many of the transactional aspects of the banking process. And, because of insurance tax laws, there are certain tax advantages. I am committed to the education of agents and their clients in their understanding of how valuable this concept can be to them over their lifetime. If it were not educational...who could or would sit through a five-part ten-hour sales talk? (I certainly would not).

Q. I'm a businessperson and I want to "Become My Own Banker" so, how do I benefit from the Infinite Banking Concept?

A. In any of the different mediums used to demonstrate how to set up the banking process (Book/CD/DVD/Other), they consistently point to how one can use an insurance contract to finance business equipment, accumulate cash and even purchase vehicles on a tax-advantaged basis. The key is to create a financing pool. To back that up, consider a few of the book chapter titles such as: "Five Methods Of Financing Automobiles," "Equipment Financing," "Potential Sources Of Capital" among others. Also, consider that business people know that banks can become very "particular and demanding" in certain economic climates. It is a great satisfaction for a businessperson to know that they have already established "Tool  kits." And, as mentioned earlier, over 300,000 hard copies of the book have been sold (in the U.S. and eleven other countries), making it now one of the best-selling non-fiction books on the market. And, as time passes, the system gets even better.

Q. But why now?

A. Infinite Banking Concepts did not happen overnight. What we are seeing today is the product of the last several years (thirty) of fundamental and educational presentations delivered on this subject all over this country. For example, Nelson Nash has given an average of 36 live seminars per year for the last ten years. So, until the book came out, the only way one could gain a clear understanding of this system was to attend a live seminar. Now anyone can purchase the full two-day five-part seminar on DVD as a part of a series of "Tool kits." And, as mentioned earlier, over 300,000 hard copies of the book have been sold (in the U.S. and eleven other countries).

Q. What is that we do and what do we hope to accomplish?

A. Educate the consumer in practical, usable financial philosophy, with the help of an educated financial services industry, in order to promote free enterprise through the practice of privatized banking by the use of dividend-paying whole life insurance, to create a true savings and banking vehicle that will help enable the consumer to control their financial environment, while minimizing the role and significance of the Federal Government in our financial lives.

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