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Second Edition

How To Secede From Our Current Monetary Regime One Household At A Time

By R. Nelson Nash – L. Carlos Lara – Robert P. Murphy PhD
131 Pages , Soft Cover, 6″ x 9″

Crises – Bailouts – Instability. There is a path out. This book will show you the way. Three men, with three different areas of expertise…

  • R. Nelson Nash made a career in the life insurance industry where he discovered IBC.
  • L. Carlos Lara has spent decades counseling business owners in financial distress.
  • Robert P. Murphy is a PhD economist with experience in academia and the financial sector.

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Do you know that something is fundamentally wrong with our financial system, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? For years, through his seminars and best-selling book, R. Nelson Nash has been teaching the public how to “become your own banker.” Nash’s revolutionary approach is the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), which uses specially designed Whole Life insurance policies as the perfect cashflow management vehicles. In this latest book, Nash is joined by business consultant L. Carlos Lara and economist Robert P. Murphy to offer the most succinct exposition yet of The Case for IBC. The book is quick and readable, explaining IBC to the newcomer and also defusing some of the toughest objections. Whether you are running a household or a multimillion-dollar business, you owe it to yourself to examine The Case for IBC.

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