Ryan Griggs

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Lubbock, texas

Griggs Capital Strategies
Lubbock, texas 79415
Phone: (909) 965-6363

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Griggs Capital Strategies. He specializes exclusively in designing custom-built whole life insurance contracts provided by select mutual insurance companies for use with the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Ryan and his business partner James Neathery are featured in the first-ever, full-length, five-part video review of Nelson Nash’s book “Becoming Your Own Banker” made specifically for YouTube.

To learn more about the IBC and to get in touch with Ryan, visit his website at www.griggscapitalstrategies.com, see his LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/ryandgriggs, or read his blog at www.medium.com/@ryandgriggs .

Ryan earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics from CSU East Bay in Hayward, CA. From 2016 to 2017 he attended Texas Tech University, where Nelson Nash Institute co-founder Robert Murphy conducts research. Ryan left this Ph.D. program to become an Authorized IBC Practitioner. In January 2019, Ryan was accepted to enroll in the University of Francisco Marroquin’s Ph.D. program in Austrian Economics — the only Ph.D. program of its kind in the world. Ryan’s dissertation will articulate a theory of Austrian Finance from the perspective of Austrian Economics. His dissertation adviser is Dr. Robert P. Murphy.

In February 2019, Ryan was invited by the Nelson Nash Institute Board of Directors to speak from the main stage at the annual Think Tank Symposium to the NNI membership and their invited guests. The subject of that talk was “Why Nelson is an Heir to Menger — Reviving Austrian Capital Theory” where he argued that Nelson Nash should be considered an intellectual heir to the founder of the Austrian School of Economics, Carl Menger. The specific link is a unique understanding of the subject of capital. You can learn more about that presentation, what the important implications are, and what they mean for financial strategy and the IBC in this post on Ryan’s Medium blog: https://medium.com/@ryandgriggs/ryan-speaks-at-nelson-nash-institute-think-tank-2019-e780b818e457

Griggs Capital Strategies is a fully virtual practice. Contact Ryan any time, from any state (most states offer reciprocal, non-resident licensing that can be established with a few clicks) to learn how the IBC can work for you.

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