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Below are links for two podcasts on IBC that provide some valuable advice when searching for an Authorized IBC Practitioner:

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Why Choose an IBC Practitioner?

Click the link below to read the excellent article by L. Carlos Lara, originally published in the Lara-Murphy Report.

The Distinct Differences of the IBC Practitioner (PDF)

What is the relationship between the Nelson Nash Institute, and the IBC Practitioner?

The Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) is an educational institution with the mission of educating the public and financial professions about the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), as developed by Nelson Nash. The IBC Practitioner's Program is simply one aspect of the NNI's broader mission of consumer and producer education. Nelson Nash was personally involved with the transition from the original IBC online presence to the Nelson Nash Institute, and he was also involved in every aspect of the creation of the IBC Practitioner's Program, a rigorous educational program exclusively designed for financial professionals designed in collaboration with an outside economist and insurance actuaries, validating the theory and implementation of IBC. The program is designed to make the Infinite Banking Concept part of their client relationships.

Who are IBC Practitioners, and why should I trust them?

  1. IBC Practitioners have completed the IBC Practitioner's Program and have passed the program Exam, to ensure that they possess a solid foundation in the theory and implementation of IBC, as well as an understanding of Austrian economics and its unique insights into our monetary and banking institutions. The IBC Practitioner has a broad base of knowledge to ensure a minimal level of competency in all of the areas a financial professional needs, in order to adequately discuss IBC with his or her clients.
  2. The IBC Practitioner has signed the IBC Practitioner's Agreement with the NNI that specifies that he or she is a financial professional who wishes to advertise his status as an IBC Practitioner, and acknowledges possession of the proper licensing and other legal requirements to practice in his industry. The IBC Practitioner agrees for those clients who want an IBC policy, he will design it according to certain characteristics to ensure that these specific clients are getting a "Nelson Nash" policy, as described in his books and seminars. If an IBC Practitioner is dealing with a client who asks for an "IBC," "Nelson Nash," "privatized banking," or "banking" policy, or if the Practitioner recommends such a policy to the client, and/or if the client has come to the Practitioner by referral from his listing at the NNI website, then and only then the Practitioner must be sure to set this particular client up with a dividend-paying, whole life policy.