Bruce Wehner

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in St. Louis, missouri

E3 Consultants Group
12855 Whitehorse Lane, Des Peres MO 63131
St. Louis, missouri 63131
Phone: (314) 420-6120

Thank you for checking out the IBC website. I have been in the education and insurance industry since 1986. I enjoy educating my clients about many financial concepts but most importantly concept I preach is “Control”. Who has control of your financial life? Is it you or some financial institution?

I will walk you through a program to determine what money is flowing out of your control and what money is flowing into your control. Then I will help you strategize so that you can have more of that money flow into your control. Then end result will that you will have money to retain and utilize now and for future generations.

I enjoy meeting new people and having conversations that can have them think differently about their daily lives.

Please call and I can show you how my colleagues and I have shown over 700 people how to take control of their lives by utilizing the IBC concept.

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