David Befort

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Minneapolis, minnesota

Max Performance Financial
Minneapolis, minnesota 55331
Phone: (612) 479-4998

I began my journey to understanding how money really works in 2009. A good friend and mentor introduced me to the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and I quickly discovered that IBC was the single best foundational financial strategy available. And since that time, I have used the Infinite Banking Concept in my personal life and have introduced IBC to multiple friends and business contacts as well.

I realized a couple years ago that I have three passions: flying, finances and teaching. My background includes active duty Air Force as an A-10 pilot, a couple years in Corporate America (where I was introduced to the farce that is the 401k), and two years owning and running a real estate investment company where I specialized in “flipping” properties and contracts. I spent a couple years as a commercial airline pilot as well before hanging up my wings in 2021 to pursue this business full time.

I would love to talk to you and answer your questions about this concept. And if you’re just “exploring” the idea, I get it—we can still talk! No pressure, no nonsense, let’s just start the conversation and the education. The only thing I love more than teaching this concept to others is learning more about the INFINITE possibilities that present themselves once you start looking! So let’s learn together.

Finally, I host a weekly podcast called Wealth Warehouse where my colleague and I discuss the various aspects of this concept among other financial topics. You can find it on every podcast platform and Youtube.

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