Jake Chesney

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Atlanta, georgia

Life by Design
Atlanta, georgia 
Phone: (205) 500-2778

My favorite quote: :)

“Jake Chesney has been doing Infinite Banking personally and teaching it to others…in it’s present format…longer than anybody in the United States because he was the first and only licensed agent in my pilot group when I was organizing the message back in the 1990′s!”
…. R. Nelson Nash

We help wealth-creators develop their own banking system so they can be free from outside lending and profit from the opportunities available to those who have access to cash.

Since the age of 22, by God’s grace, I’ve had my own banking system, have started multiple businesses with it, and have invested in over 20 business ventures from my banking system which have enabled us to create 5 sources of passive income for our family.

Not having income go out to credit card interest, car payments, or home mortgage interest is a way of life I’d highly recommend everyone pursue as soon as they possibly can due to the spiritual, relational, and physical benefits that come from this lifestyle.

I was fortunate to have been mentored by the founder of Infinite Banking, Nelson Nash, since the very beginning when he created the concept. It is extremely rewarding to help others create freedom in their lives from this peaceful way of life.

My #1 priority in life is my faith as a follower of Jesus Christ followed by my relationship with my wife, Betsy, and my 3 children. We married in 1995 and have been thrilled to have the opportunity to live in fun places with our children including Chicago, Birmingham, Augusta, Phoenix, Atlanta, and the Dominican Republic.

As a former collegiate basketball and baseball player, I still love the pursuit of excellence that accompanies sports and other challenges. Therefore, I am inspired to push myself, my family, and others to pursue things that cause us to grow.

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