Jeremiah Dew

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Greenville, south carolina

The Cash Compound
3449 Pelham Rd Ste B
Greenville, south carolina 29615
Phone: (864) 326-5430

After graduating from college with a communication degree in 2006, I went on a debt-reduction spree. I realized that achieving my goals and dreams weren’t possible with student loans or any other consumer debts. Financial gurus and authors had me wrapped around their finger and I was the most dedicated follower you could find.

After stepping away from my day job to pursue entrepreneurship, I ran into another hurdle starting in 2013, starting a family! Of course, I love my wife and four children more than anything, but my point is: I hadn’t figured out a system to keep any of the money I was earning as my expenses rose higher and higher.

In 2015, a business partner briefed me on “something about fractional banking where guys are earning 40% on their money!” Well, I was in for whatever that was! Eventually, I was introduced to The Infinite Banking Concept that tripled my net worth within two-and-a-half years, but, the style of the presentation I saw, and the Googling I did, was mucho confusing.

In 2019, after a handful of contracts, and a growing portfolio, my younger brother Jonah and I decided to build an educational platform that would help break down the concepts around high-cash-value Whole Life Insurance as a banking system. We now teach, train, and speak at live events across the country to make sure our talents double before the Master returns. (Matthew 25: 14–30)

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