Kevin R. Dottenwhy, RFC

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Wausau, wisconsin

Dottenwhy Financial Group,LLC
1488 Merrill Ave
Wausau, wisconsin 54401
Phone: (715) 675-1900

Kevin R. Dottenwhy, RFC (Registered Financial Consultant) President-CEO of Dottenwhy Financial Group, LLC a multi-State financial services and planning firm that specializes in the IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) through dividend paying whole life insurance, annuities, long term care insurance with an ultimate emphasis on estate planning.

Kevin has over two decades of experience as a life insurance agent with some of those years as a reluctant (NASD Registered Securities Representative now known as FINRA) Kevin has spent years studying finance, insurance and estate planning and is well qualified to offer solid planning advice to the many clients he serves throughout the United states.

Kevin first read Nelson Nash’s book “Becoming Your Own Banker” sometime in the 90’s and like many thought the stock market would outperform the return of the banking concept, however after the crash of 2000 and then again in 2008 Kevin had, had enough of chasing unpredictable and volatile rates of return. After re-reading Nelsons book and studying the infinite banking concept in depth Kevin established his own accounts and educated his adult children to do likewise.

Kevin then voluntarily relinquished his securities license and vowed to begin a transformational journey to teach his clients how to accomplish their personal financial goals with a common sense approach utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept to eliminate all debt mortgage included in 9 years or less in most cases and create wealth without risk while providing a passive income that in most cases is tax free.

Kevin has a contagious passion to educate his clients by utilizing strategies and concepts to help maximize growth potential. While minimizing risk and reducing taxation upon distribution. Kevin has spoken nationally at educational seminars around the country and published multiple special reports on the topics of privatized banking, debt elimination, retirement planning, estate planning to help simplify the complexities of these issues into clearly comprehendible ideas.

Kevin resides in Weston, WI with his wife Sandy, Kevin and Sandy have four children and eight grandchildren. Kevin and Sandy enjoy traveling and spending time on their boat enjoying the many pristine lakes Wisconsin has to offer.

If creating sustainable wealth, eliminating your debt, having financial independence, long term thinking and a caring relationship are a must, then contact Kevin and his team Today! Kevin is an Authorized Practitioner of The Infinite Banking Concept

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