Kyle Fuller

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Mesa, Arizona

Factum Financial
4860 E Baseline Rd #107
Mesa, Arizona 85206
Phone: (480) 313-9908

Kyle Fuller started in life insurance in 2013, but was overcome by the power of Infinite Banking the following year and has been practicing ever since. Kyle was blessed with the heart of a teacher, which prompted him to share his knowledge of Infinite Banking with people who want to harness every dollar for its maximum potential. Kyle is passionate about empowering his clients through education about money. He believes that life includes 5 circles, Spiritual, Personal, Family, Financial and Occupation and the purpose of winning financially is to fund your missions and ambitions in the other circles of life.

Businesses, individuals and families who work with Kyle all learn through accessible and personalized guidance that illustrates how they can channel whole life as their primary banking tool as taught by Nelson Nash through Infinite Banking. The uninterrupted true compounding, liquidity, privacy, easy access, tax deferred earnings, stability and tax-free transfer of wealth that a properly designed whole life insurance policy provides makes it the perfect asset to build your foundation on.

Kyle grew up in Mesa, Arizona. He is passionate about sound principles for money stewardship. All 3 of his boys have been maxed out with Whole Life Insurance since they were a month old, giving them the freedom that comes from never having to rely on a conventional bank for their financial needs. By moving away from the commercial banking world and using specifically designed policies as a source of financing, more and more of the money stays in the family!

Kyle is an authorized practitioner in Arizona and specializes in working with big business owners and families who are looking to create private family banking systems.

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