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An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Rockwall, texas

Griggs Capital Strategies
Rockwall, texas 75032

Ryan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Griggs Capital Strategies, a non-traditional financial practice that specializes exclusively in the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Ryan’s background is primarily educational. His Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Economics, he is qualified by the State of Texas to teach 7-12th-grade social studies, and he’s currently one of the few in the world working to earn a Ph.D. specifically in Austrian Economics.

Ryan’s path to the IBC began with a passion for education and a deep conviction to learn the truth about economics. That theme continues in his one-on-one service to clients and in his digital media production. Ryan and his business partner James Neathery co-produced the first-ever, full-length, five-part book review of the must-read Becoming Your Own Banker specifically for YouTube.

Ryan frequently updates his Medium blog with original material for both the beginner and the advanced IBC aficionado. Your questions and comments are always welcome! Recent posts include:

In February 2019, Ryan was selected by the Nelson Nash Institute to share his research on capital theory at the annual Think Tank Symposium for Authorized IBC Practitioners. The video of his presentation appears below. If you’d like to follow along with the slides yourself, you can view them here. This presentation is the best introduction to Ryan and how Griggs Capital Strategies treats the IBC. It will be of particular interest to individuals who want to see how the IBC integrates with Austrian Economics and financial strategy in general.

Why Nelson is an Heir to Menger: Reviving Austrian Capital Theory by Ryan Griggs from David Stearns on Vimeo.

Ryan resides Fort Worth, TX. He was born and raised about an hour and a half from the beach in a town nestled up against the mountains of Southern California called Redlands. He enjoys long walks on the beach… primarily to think about the link between capital and entrepreneurship theory or his next IBC blog idea. If you’d like to learn more about what he’s thinking or how to properly implement the IBC, fill out the Get in Touch form at the Griggs Capital Strategies website. While you’re there, subscribe to The Capitalist, Ryan’s monthly publication featuring original, in-depth economic analysis from the perspective of Austrian Economics and the IBC.

Don’t live in Texas or California? Griggs Capital Strategies operates on both a personal and virtual basis in order to serve clients throughout the country.

We hope you find this material helpful, insightful, and maybe even a bit entertaining. Thank you for your interest in the IBC and Griggs Capital Strategies and congratulations on taking your first steps towards Becoming Your Own Banker!

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