Brandon Jenkins, CLU®, ChFC®

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Jacksonville, florida

Tier One Life Insurance, LLC
14286 Beach Blvd #19-260
Jacksonville, florida 32250
Phone: (443) 254-3199

With 20+ years of experience fostering growth and development in my military teams, I now guide growth-minded investors and entrepreneurs toward personal development and financial resilience.

Leveraging my background in team development and financial resilience, I specialize in:

Resilient Capital Keeping: Over the past eight years, I’ve guided individuals to harness the power of whole life insurance, thereby establishing financial resilience. This approach helps them keep more of what they make and create an alternative financing source for future ventures.

At the core of my philosophy is the conviction that our abilities are not fixed but can develop and grow regardless of age or stage in life.

After reading ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’ by R. Nelson Nash, my financial strategy underwent a profound shift. His ideas – “You finance everything you buy” and “Your need for financing throughout life is greater than your need for a death benefit” – transformed how I approached wealth creation.

I’ve used whole life insurance policies to finance various ventures, from residential real estate investments (an area where I have 18 years of experience) to my business.

I’m committed to empowering others to uncover their potential and secure their financial futures.

We might make a great team if you want to navigate life and finances with resilience and confidence.

Feel free to reach out, and let’s grow together.

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