Brandon Jenkins, CLU®, ChFC®

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Jacksonville, florida

Tier One Life Insurance, LLC
14286 Beach Blvd #19-260
Jacksonville, florida 32250
Phone: (443) 254-3199

I grew up in Cumberland, MD, and attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating from there with a B.S. in Economics in 2003 and going on to serve as a helicopter pilot in the Navy. I’m blessed to have an incredible wife, Julie, and two amazing children, Levi and Lily.

I discovered the Infinite Banking Concept through Nelson Nash’s book in 2014 while searching for a better way to build and store wealth outside the volatile stock market. I have been practicing the concept ever since.

Along the way, I also discovered my passion for helping others learn about alternative options to building and protecting wealth rather than risking it all in the stock market and hoping that things ultimately work out. It is because of this passion I have adopted a new found dedication towards learning, the clarity of my core principles, and am guided by the firm understanding of humility, the importance of team, and a daily growth mindset.

Core Principles:

What core principles do you use for your financial strategy? What core principles do you use to operate your life? Those core principles that you fall back on when there isn’t an obvious right or wrong answer. Those core principles from which all of your actions and decisions spring from. Not only do you have to have core principles at the foundation of how you live your life, but I believe that you need to apply core principles to all the different parts of your life. For example financial strategy: there are many different principles to consider when choosing how to organize your finances, your portfolio, your financial assets. Are you focusing solely on one principle of financial strategy? Is the only thing that matters to you the rate of return that you’re earning on an investment? Do you care how liquid the asset is, how volatile that asset is, what kind of guarantees that asset provides? Whether or not that asset is performing multiple functions i.e. one dollar doing multiple things.


Being part of a team for so many years of my life has taught me the importance of humility, of always asking what can I learn, how can we do this better, of understanding that I don’t know it all and that it’s OK to rely on my teammates—for them to be the expert they are supposed to be to execute their duties as part of my team. I don’t have to know everything.


I’ve been part of one team or another for most of my life. From playing sports as a kid all the way through high school and college to joining the military and being part of Naval aviation squadrons to working with financial professionals and advisers to all the clients who are part of the tier one team.


Ancient stoic philosopher Epictetus said, “It’s not things that upset us but our judgment of those things.” What this means is you have to have a mindset of controlling the things that you can control and not worrying about the things that you cannot control. Life is going to throw a ton of difficult circumstances your way and the important thing is how are you going to respond?

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