Jose Salloum, FSA, CFS, DDS

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Laval, quebec

Canadian Wealth Creation Centre
3899 A. des Laurentides Suite 203
Laval, quebec H7L 3H7
Phone: (514) 952-4268

The infinite banking concept, and becoming your own banker, have fundamentally transformed my own life and the lives of those I am privileged to serve. J.S.

Jose Salloum an Authorized Infinite Banking Concept Practitioner, and the leading expert in The Infinite Banking Concept® in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. since 2019. A Licensed Financial Security Advisor for over 22 years. A Certified Cash Flow Specialist, a member of The Circle Of Wealth, and a member of The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, He is also the president and CEO of The Canadian Wealth Creation Centre INC. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. As a qualified financial coach for a number of major Canadian life insurance companies and a licensed life insurance broker, Jose has been serving Canadian individuals, families, business owners, and professionals. Helping them to use the infinite banking concept in Canada to establish their BYOB wealth creation plan, financial security, and the peace of mind that they have always dreamed of.

In 2015, He learned about the book Becoming Your Own Banker® and The Infinite Banking Concept™. By R. Nelson Nash

He thanks God for this wonderful gift, which allows him to offer the infinite banking concept to Canadians, The thing that they’ve been waiting for their entire lives: a strategy with unlimited benefits that will give them financial control, security, safety, and cash flow they’ve always desired.

Jose draws on his wealth of expertise and knowledge to provide detailed wealth creation plans using the infinite banking concept, allowing his Ontario and Quebec clients to create, grow, preserve, and enjoy the wealth in their lives. His personalized solutions not only grant security and peace of mind to individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, real estate investors, physicians, dentists, and business professionals but also enable them to make their own financial decisions from a position of strength and independence. Everything Jose does in his capacity is focused on the goal of developing and implementing a specific IBC wealth strategy, maximizing the cash flow, and providing real financial freedom to his clients.

Over the span of two decades, Jose Salloum has succeeded in establishing wonderful relationships with his clients. It is a key priority for Jose to take the time to listen, and truly understand his clients on a personal level. He believes that by having genuine insight into each person’s unique needs and goals, he is better able to serve them. He considers the many facets of their financial situation and integrates the different factors into a comprehensive and cohesive BYOB Plan that reflects the client’s specific vision and hopes for now and the future.

Through the process of developing and implementing an effective IBC wealth creation plan, Jose enables his clients to live with less stress and more time to enjoy what matters most to them, while they develop the confidence to take control of their own financial situation.

Jose believes in working closely with his clients to ensure continued growth and success. He has found that many people are misinformed about the true nature of their financial situation and that traditional, non-professional financial strategies often lack the proper structure to allow for new ambitions or to safeguard against unforeseen difficulties. Jose regards it as his mission and duty to inform his clients of the essential importance of a truly professional, customized, and long-term infinite baking financial wealth strategy and to guide them toward true financial freedom.

Jose holds a doctorate in dentistry from the University of Damascus. He is licensed as a Financial Security Advisor, Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, and Cash Flow Pro Specialist.

Jose feels truly blessed to have a career that allows him to build meaningful relationships and follow his passion for advising and assisting his clients and friends.

Thank you for visiting my profile page. You’re welcome to contact me if you want to become your own banker in Canada.

It is my pleasure to be able to serve you and coach you in The Infinite Banking Process in Canada, and to become the banker of your life.

If you require any additional information or guidance regarding adopting the IBC in your personal life or business, please feel free to contact us and schedule a complimentary 30-minute no-cost discovery call.

Good things will happen


Jose Salloum

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