Raymond Ward

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Fairfield, iowa

Blue Sky Financial Flow
308 Wilson Blvd
Fairfield, iowa 52556
Phone: (641) 919-5529

Welcome to the Nelson Nash Practitioners website. I know you don’t know me yet, although I am going to tell you, you are in the right place. I want to ask you to keep an open mind if this is new to you. I was once where you are today and I congratulate you for coming this far and investigating, to give yourself a chance to learn the Whole Truth about Finances and how Whole Life insurance is a key piece to your finances. There are lots of written and video hype out in the world that will tell you this is not the place to be. If you give yourself some time and you have patients you will come to understand Whole Life Insurance with a Mutual Insurance Company in a Whole new Light. I Love to work with Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners, and Families to show and Guide them to make decisions about their Finances that are in line with giving you more Protection, Control and Certainty in your Financial life. Together, we will create a Panoramic view of your finances, because ALL of your finances are connected. To learn the Whole Truth, and set up a free call to talk. Or take some time to look over our website and read and watch a couple of videos to get to know us. You can also go to my recently launched Podcast “Sound Banking” https://www.youtube.com/@SoundBankingIBC Or just pick up the phone and call our office. Thank you.

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