The IBC Seminar

The next IBC Seminar will be held in Fort Worth, Texas

on October 13th, 2018.

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You’ve known for years that something is wrong with our financial system. But you could never quite put your finger on it… we tried leaving the financial “experts” in charge… but what can the average person do?

The Nelson Nash Institute created a training program for financial professionals, then we took the show on the road, bringing our message to the general public.

They all come from different starting points…one is an economist, and one is a business workout specialist.

Come learn IBC from the authors of the book linking IBC with Austrian economics.

A financial education seminar
that’s a crash course in the Infinite Banking Concept

Whether running a household or a business, do you feel your money is in safe hands? Would you like another option? You must make the first step. But you’ll need a coach along the way.

The gurus scoffed at him, but what if he’s right? Find out when the next IBC Seminar is coming to a city near you.

The Seminar is a four-hour live event designed for the general public. R. Nelson Nash, the creator of the Infinite Banking Concept, and best-selling author of the classic Becoming Your Own Banker is not conducting his seminars anymore. To continue his legacy, Nelson helped develop the New IBC Seminar featuring Dr. Robert P. Murphy, L. Carlos Lara and David Stearns. David is the President of IBC LLC; Robert P. Murphy, Ph.D economist, and L. Carlos Lara, are the authors of the book How Privatized Banking Really Works present.

Contact us or your Authorized IBC Practitioner to find the seminar in your area.