The Nelson Nash Institute and the IBC Practitioners Program

By R. Nelson Nash

Becoming Your Own Banker is exploding nationally; there is a vital need for agents who thoroughly understand the banking concept, and most importantly believe in, and support the integrity of the Infinite Banking message as Nelson Nash envisioned it. Simply put, more and more people are discovering IBC and its potential to completely transform their financial lives, as well as help turn the country’s economic tide. As the demand for “banking policies” grows, so too will the demand for financial professionals who can properly design banking policies while educating and coaching their clients on the practice of privatized banking.

Unlike Nelson’s Becoming Your Own Banker book, CDs and seminar, the IBC Practitioners’ Program is designed specifically for the financial professional who seriously wants to become an IBC Practitioner. The course material was developed to sequentially take the student through a study of the nation’s and the average household’s financial problem, our recommended solution and the implementation of that solution.  The course will highlight the clear benefits of using what we call “privatized or infinite banking” through dividend-paying whole life insurance.

It’s no secret that over the years, numerous producers invented new catchphrases or complicated the purity of Nelson’s message. As a response, we felt it necessary to standardize IBC terminology and baseline policy design. This standardization has been vetted with the insurance industry through an ad hoc advisory committee from several prominent mutual insurance companies. The course is also aimed at rectifying those practices that have proliferated in the last few years in which life agents treat IBC as “just another way to sell life insurance.”

Over the years, even seasoned insurance agents who have read Becoming Your Own Banker and attended Nelson’s seminar still had practical questions about policy design – questions that fell outside the scope of Nelson’s earlier efforts aimed at the general public.  In the Practitioner’s Program, we systematically address these issues and provide a deeper understanding of the actuarial process to help design baseline “banking policies” as a starting point for clients.  In this course, we won’t merely teach you the theory of IBC, but also how to implement it with real-world clients.

In our Web based Practitioners Finder, we publicly list those life agents who graduate from the program and join the IBC Practitioner membership ranks. This will serve the public of course, but it will also reward those who have done the responsible thing by undergoing the necessary training to fully understand IBC as Nelson wanted it taught.  As the public learns of the program, they will naturally gravitate toward those financial professionals who have graduated from the program and are authorized IBC Practitioners.

I urge you to review the program information on our website. Please don’t hesitate to call or email for additional information.