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By Jason Rink

Seven Priorities of a Christian Patriot. Our political system is corrupt. Our representatives defy the Constitution. We are being betrayed by the people elected to protect our freedom. Our children are inheriting debts that will can never be repaid. Bank bailouts, corporate takeovers, and nationalized healthcare are evidence that “we the people” have lost our voice in Washington D.C. Christians in America are at a crossroads. In the midst of political turmoil, what is the proper response for a follower of Jesus Christ? Should we sit on the sidelines in apathy, or play a visible role as a political activist? In Disciple of Liberty: Seven Priorities of a Christian Patriot, we will explore these concerns and find answers to our questions. Does Romans 13 command unconditional obedience to the federal government? What can we do when government steps beyond its Constitutional authority? What is a Christian worldview on issues such as the Constitution, State Sovereignty, Foreign Policy, Government Spending, Debt, and The Federal Reserve? The future of liberty depends upon us. Will you answer freedom’s call? Discover the seven priorities of a Christian Patriot.