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By Dwayne Burnell & Suzanne Burnell

Soft cover, 192 pages.

Learn how to:

• Face the future with knowledge and confidence
• Embrace a financial paradigm of action and empowerment
• Plan for a lifetime of safe and predictable financial growth
• Build a solid foundation for your retirement

We hear the same financial advice recycled time and time again: put your money in a 401(k), pay off your house and hope for the best. What if there is a better way to manage your money and your future other than hoping your money will grow in an unpredictable market? This book opens you to new financial possibilities. You can set yourself on a different financial path—one that enables you to reach a level of financial security, control and independence you might never have thought possible. Begin the journey now. An exciting future awaits.

“We live in a world of mixed-up thinking. Using easy-to-follow examples and case studies, Dwayne and Suzanne Burnell unravel the nonsense that is prevalent today.”

— R. Nelson Nash, author of Becoming Your Own Banker


“Insightful, educational, challenging. For anyone wanting to move into the future with confidence instead of fear and worry.”

— Rick Darvis, CPA, CCPS, Co-Founder of the National Institute of Certified College Planners (NICCP) and author of
College Solution: A Roadmap to Selecting Your Best Strategy to Fund College and Retirement Without Going Broke

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