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Having been blessed beyond measure to have spent so much time with Nelson, I’ll be quoting him frequently throughout this article.

As we continue our mission at the Institute to educate the general public, practitioners, and life insurance company’s about the Infinite Banking Concept, it is crucial that we uphold the integrity of what Nelson developed by using accurate and appropriate language in all our communications.

For some time, there has been a growing and concerning trend in misleading marketing that blurs the lines between a life insurance contract and the Infinite Banking Concept.  As practitioners, and as an Institute, it is our duty to set the record straight and ensure that our clients and potential clients understand the clear distinction between what they are buying and what they are implementing.  More recently, we’ve been informed of an increasing number of social media marketing videos, reels, and shorts using catchy phrases such as yes, you can buy an “Infinite Banking Policy”, “Be the Bank”, and “Be your own Bank”, etc..

In light of all these and other misrepresentations, we at the Institute are taking steps to begin regaining quality control of the trademarked Infinite Banking Concept, Becoming Your Own Banker and all associated intellectual property.  We are undertaking this initiative for the benefit of all stakeholders, particularly our rapidly growing Authorized Practitioner Community.  Our commitment to you, our Practitioners, and to all stakeholders is unwavering.  As we begin taking these important steps, we invite each of you to join us in the pursuit.

Nelson said it best … “There are probably thousands of such examples of misclassification that we run into every day but they probably don’t increase the quality of our lives.  Instead, they limit our thinking and lead us to wrong conclusions. Words are powerful things!”  Page 39, Becoming Your Own Banker.

For clarity, Infinite Banking is not a product; it is a process.  Nelson did not encourage people to become an institution (i.e. Be the Bank or Be your Own Bank).  In fact, he developed 6 Golden Rules, with number 4 being “Don’t do business with Banks”.  What he did encourage others to do was become their own banker.  Remember, words are powerful things.  In other words, Bankers are not banks, they’re one of four characters in the financial play, (depositor, borrower, banker, bank owner) who all play a role in the process of banking.

This distinction is not just a matter of semantics; it goes to the heart of what the Institute stands for and the process Nelson pioneered.

“This is an exercise in IMAGINATION, REASON, LOGIC AND PROPHECY” – R. Nelson Nash

Using catchy phrases like “Infinite Banking Policy” “Be the Bank”, “Be your own Bank”, etc. are not only misleading and inaccurate, it implies that Infinite Banking can be purchased as a standalone product, which is simply not true.  The best entity (or tool as Nelson often said) to get the job of Becoming Your Own Banker done is a dividend paying whole life insurance policy, or a system of policies, ideally with a mutual company.  That being true, which it is, there is no such thing as a “Infinite Banking Policy”.  There is only The Infinite Banking Concept, a process of controlling HOW you finance the things you’ll need to purchase throughout your lifetime

Let’s be unequivocal in our message: when someone purchases a dividend paying whole life insurance policy, they are acquiring a product offered by reputable life insurance companies. This product, while valuable in itself, is not Infinite Banking.

“People need to understand The Infinite Banking Concept has absolutely nothing to do with Life Insurance”.  – R.  Nelson Nash

The consequences of using incorrect language in our discussions and marketing efforts can be far-reaching.  Firstly, it may create confusion among the general public, leading them to believe that Infinite Banking is merely a product they can purchase. This misconception not only misrepresents the true nature of the concept but also puts individuals at risk of making ill-informed financial decisions.

Secondly, presenting Infinite Banking as a purchasable product may inadvertently raise red flags with regulatory bodies, and home office personnel at Life Insurance Companies.  As you may know, Nelson often emphasized that sensationalizing the concept draws unwanted attention from those who we need on our side.

Most importantly, commingling words into catchy phrases such as the ones listed in this article damages both the reputation and credibility of the Nelson Nash Institute and all our fellow Practitioners.  We are working diligently to build trust and credibility within the industry, and we must ensure that our communication aligns with the true essence of Infinite Banking as a process.

“This concept does not need to be sensationalized.  In fact, it is ridiculously simple.”  – R. Nelson Nash

To avoid any confusion or misrepresentation, we encourage all authorized practitioners to communicate this distinction openly and transparently.

When engaging with clients and prospects, it is important to:

Educate with Clarity: Clearly explain the nature of a dividend paying whole life insurance contract and the benefits it offers while discussing the topic of life insurance.  When discussing the implementation of the process, communicate that the Infinite Banking Concept is entirely distinct from the purchase a life insurance policy.  And if you are an agency owner (IMO, AGA, GA or Producer Group), we encourage you to have all of your licensed representatives enroll in the practitioner program to ensure that your Team members are all receiving the same messaging and support from the same source.

Highlight the Process:  Emphasize the truth that Infinite Banking is a process that empowers individuals to become their own bankers and to reclaim the banking function in their lives from outsiders.

Integrity in Marketing: Ensure that all of your marketing materials accurately represent Infinite Banking as a process, not a standalone product. Avoid misleading language that may confuse or mislead potential clients.  We can always be better, including yours truly.  In fact, entering my sixteenth (16) year specializing in this process, I still recall early into my own journey, sensationalizing the message, placing a high degree of emphasis on illustrations, etc.  It was what I learned to do and I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  It wasn’t until I experienced a woodshed moment with Nelson where he coached me on the reasons why all that simply wasn’t necessary.  Then I truly understood what he said so often below.

“The more you see Infinite Banking Concepts, the more you’ll see you didn’t see.” – R. Nelson Nash

License Protection:  Misleading marketing not only damages the credibility of the Infinite Banking Concept but can also put an advisor’s life license at risk.  By adhering to ethical practices and accurate representations, we honor Nelson’s message, protect our professional standing and preserve everyone’s ability to earn a respectable living.

Shed Light on the Issue: Educate the public about the misleading marketing practices that exist in the financial world.  By bringing attention to this issue, we empower clients to make informed decisions based on factual information.  At the Institute, we are certainly beginning to shed light on the issue internally and externally, giving all individuals that we make contact with the opportunity to make the required adjustments and / or as a last resort, trigger the pursuit of all available remedies to protect the intellectual property of Infinite Banking Concepts LLC., and the Institute.

Let’s all continue to shine a bright light on the problem so that when we present the solution—the Infinite Banking Concept—it will be crystal clear and our prospects will know exactly what to do.  By educating our clients and the public about the truth of Infinite Banking, we enable them to rethink their thinking and to go about their financial lives in a position of total and absolute control.

Collaboration with Life Insurance Companies: We need the support of life insurance companies by accurately representing The Infinite Banking Concept.  At the Institute we are engaging in open dialogues with several companies in America and Canada, providing them with accurate information right from the source in order to understand the concept better, the marketplace conduct that is both encouraged and not supported, etc.

Compliance:  We plan to work hand in hand with industry stakeholders to demonstrate our commitment to ethical and accurate marketplace conduct.

By collectively addressing this issue and focusing on what we can control, which is aligning our language with the true essence of Infinite Banking, and pursuing recourse on a case by case basis, we will work hard for you, and everyone affiliated with the Institute to safeguard the integrity of the concept and the practitioner community so that we may all continue to positively impact the lives of people across North America.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to what Nelson pioneered … The Infinite Banking Concept, the process of Becoming Your Own Banker.

Together, we are making a lasting difference in a very noisy financial world.

Never above, never below, always alongside,

Jayson Lowe,

Advisor to the Board

Fellow Practitioner