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“It is the masses that determine the course of history, but its initial movement must start with the individual.” — How Privatized Banking Really Works

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by…” These are the beginning words of one of the greatest sentences ever penned. It is famous because it instantly creates the image of that divide in our […]

Why the NNI?

Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy At the February 2013 IBC Think Tank, the Infinite Banking Institute was launched. It was not a brand new entity, but instead it marked a more formalized structure through which Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking […]


By R. Nelson Nash I’m in the process of writing a new book entitled —It’s All About How You Think — I probably should include a subtitle – And Sometimes How You Don’t Think! It is just part of our […]

Flight School

by R. Nelson Nash A number of lessons about how you think can be learned from my own experience in the U.S. Army Flight School program in 1956. Though I had some previous experience as a pilot over the previous […]

Becoming An Aviator

by R. Nelson Nash When I was in the second through fourth grades in grammar school we lived across the road from the airport in Athens, Georgia. I was just a kid who became fascinated with airplanes. Fantasizing what it […]

My Mother and Franklin D. Roosevelt

by R. Nelson Nash To put this story into context we will need to go back in time to the Spring of 1957.  That was when I was introduced to the Austrian school of economic thought through The Foundation for […]

Why Do We Let Parkinson’s Law Rule Our lives?

By R. Nelson Nash C. Northcote Parkinson (1909 – 1993) was an interesting British naval officer who left us some valuable insights into human behavior. His sense of humor makes for good reading. His little essay, Parkinson’s Law, written in […]