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Robert Murphy on “My History With IBC”

October 16, 2013

By Robert P. Murphy, Ph.D. In this article, I will summarize Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) for the novice, but I will do so in the context of my own experience in learning about it. I’m making the article autobiographical because part of … Read more

IBC Banker’s Creed

July 11, 2012

Think long range! Don’t be afraid to capitalize! Don’t steal the peas! Think in terms of multiple policies, or in a system of policies. Avoid doing anything that diminishes the growth of a policy. Don’t take a policy loan just … Read more

The Top 10 Reasons NOT to BUY Equity Indexed Universal Life

April 27, 2012

By Todd Langford, Mt. Enterprise, Texas Todd provided this article for inclusion in Nelson Nash’s new book Building Your Warehouse of Wealth, due this summer. Insurance companies have put numerous pages on the front of Equity Indexed Universal Life … Read more

The Perfect Investment

April 27, 2012

By L. Carlos Lara There is no other way to put it. Americans have been tricked! The hidden process of money creation that artificially manipulates interest rates and creates economic booms has misguided society’s views of money and credit. This … Read more